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Jordone speaks to inspire women, girls, teens, and students to live their purpose for God.

Through her candid testimony of overcoming abortion, addiction, rape, a suicidal attempt, and promiscuity, she shares her story in a way that is both encouraging and inspirational. Help us know more about how we can help accomplish your conference or event goals.

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IMG_0914“Jordone Branch is truly an inspiration. I had the pleasure of experiencing her dynamic message of trials and triumphs, an encouragement to all of mankind. A message that breaks barriers, promotes self worth, and renders the true love of GOD.”- Sandra Williams, Youth Advisor for Faith Kingdom Builders Outreaching Ministries
“Dynamic testimony that the world needs to hear” -Eddie Massey, III, Founder, Artificial Intelligence in Action for youth and girls
“Jordone Branch is a sensational author, speaker, sister. I appreciate her candor and her sincere spirit in helping and healing women of all ages. She was this years opening speaker for our annual Shifting the Atmosphere Women’s Empowerment Conference 2016 and we would love to have her again soon for an upcoming event this year.” – Denise Cooper, Women’s Empowerment Conference Coordinator