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A 27 Day Challenge Towards Knowing God for Yourself



Welcome to 27 days of growing and learning more from God like never before!

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This Devotional is Perfect For You if You:

  • Want to learn how to read God’s Word in a fun, practical way
  • Need motivation to spend more consistent time with God
  • Think your current relationship with God has become boring and too routine
  • Want to grow in your prayer life and scripture reading


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Blogs to help you:

How to Read God’s Word

How to Spend Time with God

How to Deepen Your Relationship with God


Reading for day #1 and the next few days

The day #1 scripture is Matthew 6:33. For the next few days after you begin the devotionals, you are welcome to join me in reading the rest of Matthew 6, or move elsewhere as God leads you.


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How the Devotionals Work:


1) Scriptures— As God leads me, I’ll be sharing scriptures via social media and email.

Due to the shortness of Facebook posts, the bulk of what I share (understanding the scriptures, learning how to read and break down the scriptures, resources, interesting facts) will be sent via email every weekday morning.


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2) Personal time– You all can read the same scriptures as myself or different ones as God leads you.

The purpose of these devotionals is to increase your personal prayer and scripture reading with God for 27 days straight. So, just move as He leads you. Make sure you are praying more, too πŸ™‚



Here are a few testimonials from women that have already participated in the challenge:


“I just wanted to say thank you for this Bible study. Today’s message was exactly what I needed. I’m not handling situations that I face on my job and home because I haven’t been spending time with God like I should have.”-Cleo H

“I’m currently meditating on Matthew 6:33, it’s so good that I started reading all of chapter 6. Thank you for you prompt response and more importantly thank you for your guidance. I have NEVER Bible studied until now, and I’m 32.” – Jasmine U

“I would like to say that I thank God for using you and suggesting this Bible study challenge. I am not a morning person and it has definitely been a challenge for me to get up extra early to pray/read. I’ve enjoyed it and I feel the love of God over my life. I feel myself drawing closer to Him just by giving Him the first part of my day.” – Demetrice K

“I always wanted to know God for myself. I’ve been truly blessed reading your emails. My eyes are opening up to so many things. Your email for Day 7 truly blessed me I truly thank God for you and your realness”-TJ


Click here to begin receiving the devotionals to your email.


4) Share! Share! Share! – Tell all your friends!! This is a great way to make Godly friends who can help you in your walk with the Lord! You can even invite some ladies to a cafe, campus building, dorm room, or your house for a personal Bible study night! πŸ™‚


Let’s encourage and help each other!! πŸ™‚


Studies show that if you make something a habit for a certain period of time, it’ll remain a habit.

So, after the 27 days … Don’t stop! .. Get all God has for you! πŸ™‚

love ya’ll!!


I love you and I look forward to hearing your testimonies πŸ™‚ If what you’ve read here inspired you, please share to inspire someone else!

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