About Jordone


In 2014, Jordone Massey founded the JordoneWrites organization to help people deepen their relationships with God amid stormy pasts. Since then, God has used her gift of speaking to empower the hearts of people worldwide. Her passion to help others led her to write her first book, I Believe in God, Now What? , which is her personal testimony of how God turned her life of addiction, promiscuity, depression, a suicidal attempt, and the guilt of rape, around for His glory. She and her book have both been featured on the international show The 700 club, which has been broadcasted to millions worldwide. Jordone is well-known in her community for using her testimony to help girls and young women come to Christ, a ministry she continues to cultivate through the annual Destiny Conference that she hosts in Orangeburg, SC.
Jordone is also open about her testimony of overcoming abortion, hoping she’ll help pregnant women choose life and women who are post-abortion to receive healing. She hopes her candid depiction of her life before God will let others know they aren’t alone, hoping they’ll understand they can come to God just as they are.

Often called bold for its discussion of taboo topics, the JordoneWrites blog has received attention from across the world, including well-known radio personality Michael Baisden. A native of Orangeburg, SC and alumna of Spelman College, Jordone currently works as a Spanish Interpreter in her local school district. She’s also the co-editor of Understanding: All Success is Attained by It, by #1 bestselling author Dr. Shane Wall. As an editor and award-winning writer, she enjoys using her gift to help others tell their stories. Having lived in Africa and Spain, she enjoys traveling and learning about other cultures. In her spare time, she enjoys cooking, running, and speaking with the youth and individuals in her community. She and her husband Eddie live in Orangeburg, SC and they are expecting their first child in April 2019.

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