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Jordone speaking about abstinence at a women’s conference in Bennettsville, SC

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Jordone on a panel session about Christian love, dating, and relationships.

Hosted by ECHO at Claflin University

Jordone’s talks aren’t limited to the topics, age groups, or categories on the list below. Any topic can be modified or spoken for any group or audience type.

If you would like her to speak on a different topic, or if you’d like to reach out to us for more information, please let us know what you’re working on by filling out this quick form.


Sexual Assault



How do I move forward? Is this my fault?

Individuals who have been sexually assaulted often find themselves feeling hopeless, depressed, and struggling with guilt. As a rape survivor who has struggled with similar emotions, Jordone can relate to sexual assault victims in a heartfelt, encouraging way. Her candid story will leave audience members feeling inspired. Participants will learn how to move forward while relieving all emotions of self-blame. Please let us know what you’re working on by filling out this quick form.




I’m pregnant, now what?

The modern day woman is often encouraged to abort her unexpected child. As a pro-life advocate and woman who has had an abortion, Jordone encourages women to not make her same decision. As a speaker who can talk from personal experience, Jordone’s talk isn’t judgemental or preachy, but she speaks in an open, candid way as she inspires women about the purpose, joy, and love that is growing inside of them. If you own a faith-based pregnancy crisis center, or if you’d simply like Jordone to come speak to your audience about her personal experience with abortion, please let us know what you’re working on by filling out this quick form .

I’ve already had an abortion, now what?

The talk above, I’m pregnant, now what?, can also be modified to encourage women who have already had abortions to move past their depression, guilt, and other negative emotions. If you own a counseling center for women who have had abortions, or if you’d like Jordone to come speak with your group of women about her message, please let us know what you’re working on by filling out this quick form .

Adult Women



How to wait on God for your future husband

Jordone spent much of her single life waiting the wrong way. After giving her life to the Lord, she realized that waiting wasn’t a passive process, but an active process of growth, understanding, and closeness with God. Jordone’s candid testimony of overcoming promiscuity and negative relationships will leave audience members feeling encouraged as they discover how to truly wait on God for their future spouse.

What is my purpose?

Whether financially successful or not, today’s woman often finds herself feeling purposeless and unsure of what she is really meant to do with her life. In her past, Jordone interned for successful companies like CNN, but still felt so empty, depressed, and lost inside. After discovering the courage to go after her true purpose in life, she realized the importance of not letting fear hinder her dream. No matter the socio-economic level of your audience, Jordone’s candid talk can help any woman draw closer to discovering her true talents. Participants will leave feeling encouraged that they too can go after their true calling.


Middle and

High School Girls

But everyone else is doing it, too!
What do you do when everyone around you begins to drink, smoke, and have sex? Having experienced the harsh reality of drugs, alcohol and promiscuity, Jordone knows how to talk to girls in a relatable, yet truthful way. Girls will leave knowing they don’t have to say yes just to fit in. This talk will cover the basics on how to say no and still look cool.
I’m not pretty!
Have you ever thought you weren’t good looking? Has someone ever told you that you are too fat, too skinny, or not tall enough? Jordone can relate! In this talk, Jordone shares how her insecurities led to negative relationships, suicidal thoughts, and promiscuity. This session will teach girls all about positive self image as they learn not to measure beauty by the standards of their peers and society.





college-student-silhouette-students Sex, Drugs, and Alcohol

The world talks to our teens and students in a straightforward fashion. Everyday, students are learning about sex, drugs, alcohol from the media’s honest point of view. It’s time to give our students that same honesty-the right way! Jordone’s candid talk is different as she authentically relates to youth about the peer pressure she once experienced-and how that peer pressure led to addiction, promiscuity, and a suicidal attempt. Her talk is sure to inspire your group of students or teens to stand out from the crowd.

Living your life on purpose

“What am I supposed to do with my life?” is the question so many students ask themselves, especially high school seniors and college students. In this candid talk, Jordone discusses how societal pressure left her with a great job, but struggling with addiction and feeling purposeless inside. After this session, audience members will leave feeling empowered, knowing that they were created on purpose, for a purpose, and for a vision that extends beyond their wildest imagination.

Love and






Everyone is married except me!

Jordone spent much of her single life trying to find comfort in relationships and promiscuous behaviour. The end result was always heartache, frustration, and loneliness. In this candid talk, Jordone talks about her personal struggles with being wrong about “the one” and the dangers of entering a relationship because of insecurities. Audience members will leave feeling empowered, knowing that single life is a joyous opportunity to grow, develop, and learn more about who they are as individuals. Please let us know what you’re working on by filling out this quick form.

Waiting is impossible!

Jordone never thought abstinence would be a possibility in her life. After years of trying dating her way, she finally gave up and decided to try God’s way. The end result was a life of peace and confidence as she realized she didn’t need to have sex before marriage to have a successful relationship. In this candid talk, Jordone discusses her battles with promiscuity, rape, and low self-esteem. Audience members will leave knowing they too can live an abstinent and pure life, despite the pressures from society.