How do I Stop Sleeping with him?

Photo courtesy of: http://tysonbowersiii.com

Photo courtesy of: http://tysonbowersiii.com

So, you’ve been dating your boo for a weeks now.

You thought that he was holier than thou because he could quote a few scriptures, said he loved God, and talked a good game about the Bible to your mama.

That is…until you all got behind closed doors and his hand decided to touch your behind.

Before you knew it, you all were in this endless cycle of sex and prayer-trying to pray yourself out of sex but finding yourself right back where you don’t belong.

I can relate to your experience. I know what it’s like to want to give your all to God but sex keeps holding you back.

I’ve been at the point where I’ve poured my heart out to God and told Him I would never have sex again.

Then, I found myself weeks later in the bed of some fool!

Eventually, I got tired of being a hypocritical Christian-professing a faith that I wasn’t really living.

And, I’m sure you are, too. So, since I’ve been where you are, I’d like to offer some tips that helped me get on the right track. If you truly want to stop sleeping with him, here’s what to do:

  • Get your heart right- If you truly want to stop having sex, you’re going to have to get to the source of the issue. The source of your problem is in your heart, not between your legs. If you can let God cut out the real issue (your insecurities, your unforgiveness, or the fact that you’re still looking for the love your father never gave you), then you can find it easier to obey God with your life.
  • Was the relationship ever God to begin with?– I’ve known Christians who have messed up but turned their relationship around. But, that’s because it was God who approved for that couple to be together. If God hasn’t approved your relationship, don’t stick around trying to force something that was never meant to be. Let Him lead the way, not your desires.
  • Physical efforts over Spiritual efforts – I used to think all I had to do was pray my way out of sex. Girl, bye. Yes, prayer changes things. But, it will do nothing if you don’t put the work in. Yes, pray. But, don’t expect God to cover for your lack of effort. You know what makes you horny and the places you shouldn’t find yourself in. So, along with your prayers, be obedient. If you want more practical tips on keeping it your pants, read my blog: 4 Tips for Christian Dating.
  • Be not unequally yoked – Sis, the Bible is clear. Stay out of unequally yoked relationships. If your boo isn’t saved, then his values will match up with this world, not Christ. And, no, you can’t stay with him hoping he’ll get saved. Read my blo g: “Stop pushing God on your boyfriend” to learn more.
  • Your personal time with God– It’s hard to live a Christian life if you’re not spending consistent, daily time with our Savior. You need to learn God for yourself outside of church. Your sinful life is a sign that God is calling you to seek His face more. If you need encouragement, join my 27 day Bible challenge. Then, read my blogs: How to Read God’s Word and How to Spend Time with God . If this blog inspired you, please use the share buttons below to inspire someone else. (Other blogs on this topic are below).

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