Did God really tell you he was “the one”?

www.mirror.co.uk I once went through this “situationship” where I felt like I was forcing a guy to be with me.

I use the term “situationship” because I like to keep it real. It wasn’t a relationship…I was chasing him!

I thought we were going to get married. I thought God told me he was “the one.” I thought we had it made. (Read about that experience here: “4 Ways to Tell He’ll Never Marry You”).

But, it wasn’t love. I was forcing love.

There are lots of women who walk around dating someone because they think it’s who God told them to be with. And, sometimes they are right. Sometimes.

Other times, women unintentionally fabricate the idea that God told them to be with a man because they’re eager to be with someone.

In either case, it’s important to know you should never feel like you are forcing someone to be with you. Or, that you are forced to be with someone else.

God is love. As much as God loves us, He never forces us to love Him back. Love should be given freely. Whenever I obey God in love, it’s because I choose to.

Love is a choice. When Jesus died on the cross for us, His sacrifice was a choice. He had the option to say no. But, out of love for the Father, He obeyed.

What good is love if someone is only loving you out of force?

God doesn’t want you to feel obligated to be with someone. You have to choose your mate beyond the reason of “God told me this person was the one.”

Love is never forced. So, God would never force us to love anyone. He may encourage us in the right direction. But, the choice is still yours to make.

If you only marry someone because you feel God forced you to, you’ll blame God whenever something in the marriage goes wrong.

I’m not encouraging anyone to disobey where they feel God is leading them. But, I am encouraging you to examine your motives.

In other words, whether God has told you someone is “the one” or not, make sure you are with them out of love, not force.

I encourage you to ask God about your motives as it pertains to love, obedience, and anything else He asks of you. Trust Him. Let Him lead the way.

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  1. Mimi.

    This blog is a great Read and I feel it’s right on time because I’m going through a similar situation now and I put matters in my own hands and now my crush is upset with me but I’m just praying things get better ..

    1. Yes just pray that God handles things how He desires and trust His way. Whatever the outcome, if you pray that prayer, live in, and follow Him, you can rest assure all will be well! Love you sis

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