How to Wait on God for Your Future Husband


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There’s been so many times in my past where I’ve felt like I was tired of waiting on God for a man.

At one point in my life, I even fabricated in my mind that God “told” me some guy was “the one” because I was so eager to be married. (Read About That Here: “4 Ways to Tell He’ll Never Marry You”).

Ironically, I’ve come to realize that every time I think I’m waiting on God, it’s actually God who’s been waiting on me.

My Daddy (God) is a God of order, structure, and specificity.

Every blessing God gives me is aligned with a certain order of purposes He desires to carry out on the Earth.

So, when I do get married, my marriage is much less about me, and much more about what God desires to do through my husband and I for His kingdom.

Before He can use me as a union with someone else, I have to prove that I can be used by Him while I’m single. In other words, I have to pass kindergarten before I can get to the first grade.

My question is, what are you doing for God to take you to the next level?

In school, we take tests and complete assignments to prove that we are worthy of moving forward. God is no different.

The Lord will give you tests of patience, humility, sacrifice, and love to prove that you are ready to handle the more that He has for you. A man in your life may be a blessing, but that blessing will only require more patience from you. If you can’t pass the test where you are, why would He take you to the next level?

So, I’ll ask you again: are you really waiting on God? Or is God waiting on you?

Waiting is not an act of passivity. Your single life in God shouldn’t feel like the equivalent of waiting in a doctor’s office. Waiting in God is about growth, movement, and endurance.

If you’re waiting the correct way, you’re growing in God daily. You’re passing tests.

You’re seeking His face for hours. You’re meditating on scriptures. You’re enduring spiritual warfare like a strong soldier.

You’re doing the best you can to become a better you than the day before.

Waiting is not just about praying everyday for God to bless you with a man. Waiting is a daily intentional movement of action to become a stronger woman in God.

The stronger you are single, the stronger your marriage will be.

You may have the faith that God is going to bring you that man. But, faith without works is dead (James 2:14). Are you putting the work in too?

If your focus is where it should be, you’re not complaining about being single. When you are totally focused on God, you don’t have time to complain.

In marriage, what will you bring to the table? Is your faith ready for what you’re asking for?

Are you really waiting on God? Or is God waiting on you?

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4 Responses

  1. Rumbi

    Hi ,thank you so much for your article and it resonates directly with what i believe in. I am a 25 year old single lady waiting for a Godly man. I have been out of one relationship that was confusing and by that i mean it felt right and wrong at the same time but i did not have peace so i called it quits. Now i am alone and it happens to be very difficult to meet good guys as a result of my schedule and personality of being quiet and shy and i just don’t meet them. im trusting that since God knows me he will make a way for me to eventually meet the right person. Some days are easier than others but for me i cringe at the thought of finding a man of my desire. I have this thought that it somehow not for though i desire it so much. I recently got introduced to a guy by a mutual friend who happened to be spiritual and so God Loving and suits almost 90% of my list and thought that was it but after a while he stopped communicating.yet I had set my mind to believing this was the one. It ddnt go the way i thoght it woukd but now i am feeling the need for me to grow in knowing God as a single before he brings anyone to me.God Bless you sista

    1. Hey ! Thanks for sharing your testimony . I think you hit the nail on the head .. Let God continue to grow you as a single and trust Him through the process. Be sure to all make sure you’re spending daily time with Him too 🙂 love you sis 🙂

  2. You are an exceptional writer & motivator. I am a divorced mother with 2 teenagers and I am so lonely right now. I sink into depression and don’t want to talk to anyone. I know cutting God out is my first mistake and that it is me, not talking to him. ..not the other way around. Some days I am sure He is exasperated waiting for me to come to him, but I know he is still waiting for me. Thank you so much for your words of wisdom. God bless you Jordone. I can’t wait to read more of your writing.

    1. Hey sis !!!!! Praise God that the Lord led you to this post!! He has so much for you!! We find ourselves depressed when we haven’t been spending time with Him. I encourage you to get heavy into His Word and time with Him. In your time with Him lies your relief from depression. If you need a motivator, you can sign up for my 27 day Bible study challenge by entering your email above (at the end of the blog post). I love you sis and I’m praying for you! He loves you.. Your testimony can inspire others! Never forget that 🙂

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