“Why Won’t God Answer Me?!”


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Before my relationship with God, I would have all kinds of unanswered prayers;

prayers for guys to like me, prayers for more money, prayers for a certain job, prayers for this and that.

I would go through these long periods of my life where it felt like God just wasn’t hearing me.

I would pray hard, hope for the best, and see no results.

When my prayers went unanswered, my faith weakened.

Why did my faith weaken?

Because my faith was in my own hopes, not God’s.

Today, I’m a new person.

I’ve been walking in my relationship with Christ for about three years now and I’ve finally begun to see the evidence of God answering me on a consistent basis.

If you’ve been going through a “dry spell” where it seems like God just isn’t hearing you, learn from my mistakes.

Here are some tips to help you strengthen your prayer life:

  1. Be hungry – God responds to our hunger and desire for Him. If you had a boyfriend, you would hate for him to only hang out with you because he felt obligated to do so. God is no different. Before going in prayer, ask God to help you examine your heart. Why do you pray? Do you only go to God out of routine or obligation because it’s the “Christian” thing to do? Or, do you go to Him because you have a genuine hunger to know Him better.
  2. Be consistent– God is not a prostitute. Prostitutes allow you to get what you want without a relationship. God doesn’t want to be used for your desires and then watch you leave only to never see you again until you want something again. God responds to a consistent, loving relationship with Him. Prayer isn’t just a time to make a list of requests. It’s an opportunity to grow closer to your Father. If you’re consistent about your relationship with Him, it’s easier to pray on a constant basis. If you need help being consistent with God, I encourage you to have my daily devotionals sent to your inbox by clicking here.
  3. Only pray God’s will– Have you ever noticed how you pick up the habits and desires of the people you spend the most time with? God is no different. As you become more consistent with your relationship with God, you become more like Him. As you become more like Him, it’s easier for you to only want what He wants. Your prayers should always line up with God’s desires and will. When you pray according to His will, you can change circumstances by praying what God already wanted to do. Before I start praying, I like to ask God, “Lord, how do you want me to pray about this situation?” Then, I pray according to His will. If God is silent, don’t get discouraged. Read my post here about waiting for God in silence.
  4. High expectations– Prayer isn’t the lottery. You shouldn’t pray and only hope that God will answer you. As long as you’re praying His will, you should know that He’ll answer you. Only put your faith in God’s will, not your own desires. Then, expect Him to answer you. Are your faith and expectations matching up to what you’re asking? James 1:6-7 goes into detail about this point.

If you don’t know how to read God’s Word or pray, I encourage you to read my blogs here: How to Read God’s Word, How to Deepen Your Prayer Life.

Above all else, remember that your prayers should always be about more spiritual desires (salvation for others, healing, mending people’s hearts) than natural wants (cars, jobs, houses).

Have you ever felt like God just wasn’t answering you? Comment below telling me about your experience.

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