4 Reasons Why Your Next Boyfriend Should Have a Relationship with God

I used to date these guys who claimed they loved God, but then they would succeed in trying to sleep with me.

It’s no wonder I fell for less than I was worth.

I was only looking at the outer and not the inner.

I was only hearing my date’s words but not paying attention to their actions.

I would hear a man tell me that he got baptized and said the prayer of salvation at 9.

But, I would ignore the fact that his behind had been clubbing, getting drunk, smoking pot, cheating, lying, and cursing ever since then.

A relationship with God goes way beyond getting baptized or saying a few words of prayer at church.

It’s is a daily, intentional walk to obey God everyday, and spend time in His Word and in prayer.

I had to learn that I will only know a man’s love for God according to whether or not he chooses to obey God’s Word.

Thankfully, I’m no longer settling for sex-filled, pot-filled relationships.


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Don’t make the same mistakes I did. Learn from my past. Here are some reasons it’s important that your man knows God:

  1. His relationship with God can affect how much you grow in God.
  2. His closeness with the Lord will determine the foundation of your relationship together.
  3. His habits will become yours. So, you need to be sure his habits reflect a sound knowledge of who God is.
  4. That man’s habits will also spill over to your kids, affecting your destiny and your future.

So, before you get into a relationship with someone because they say they “love God,” make sure you’ve taken the time to identify the fruit on their tree.


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No, you don’t have to judge.

But, you do need to examine someone closely before you assume they know God because they can quote a few scriptures.

I would have never received all the spiritual growth I have now if I had settled for the drama-filled relationships of my past.

I also wouldn’t have moved forward if I was still stuck on my old ways. So, before you go making a list of how ‘holier than thou’ your future husband must be, make sure the fruit on your tree ain’t sour either!

In other words, get yourself right with God first before expecting a Godly man to cross your path. You will only attract what you are. If you need help getting right with God, you can join my get my free “Single Woman’s Devotional.” If this blog inspired you, please use the share buttons below to inspire someone else.


So, what else can you do to deepen your relationship with God as a single woman? ….

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