How to Deepen Your Prayer Life



God placed it on my heart to share more of my prayer time tips with you all.

It’s important for you to know that prayer is just as important as the Word of God.

The Word is where you learn God’s voice, His ways, and how He works in your life.

Prayer is where you learn to experience God, His presence, and His love for yourself.

Yes, you can understand His love and presence through the Word as well, but getting to know Him through prayer is where you take your time with Him to a deeper level.

I used to read the Word for hours while only spending 10 mins or so in prayer.

The result was that I knew a whole bunch of scriptures, but I had no true trust about what I was reading. I didn’t trust God because I didn’t know Him for myself.

Let’s break this down practically.

Picture yourself studying about someone famous for years. You can read every article, biography, and news report on this person. But, you still don’t know them for yourself because you haven’t spent actual personal time with them. You know about that person, but you don’t know that person.

The reason many of us don’t trust God is because we know a lot about Him, but we still don’t actually know Him.

Prayer is where you learn to get personal with God. It’s where you understand why you can trust Him. After you’ve gotten so deep in His presence, His peace, and His power, you’re not even phased by the things that used to bother you.

Don’t think of prayer as a time to get what you want. Think of prayer as an opportunity to know God. To deepen your prayer life, I want to share some of my tips with you:

  1. Die to yourself– Go to God to figure out how He wants to handle a situation, not to tell Him how you think something should be handled. Let your idea of how your life should look escape your mind. When you let yourself go, it’s easier to focus on Him.
  2. Be patient– When I ask God how He wants to handle something, sometimes He answers immediately, and other times He answers months later through a situation, His voice, or through another person. Have faith that He will answer, but submit to His perfect timing and however He chooses to speak.
  3. Shut up– Prayer doesn’t always require words. I have grown so much just by asking God, “What do you want to talk about?,” then sitting for two hours to wait for His response. Other times, I may not ask a question. I may just sit with Him and say, “Dad, I’m just hanging out with you.”
  4. Silence is golden– The moments where God is silent are just as important as when He’s speaking. During your silent moments with Him, so much is happening spiritually simply by you being in His presence. During my prayer time, I may say nothing to God for 1 hour, but I’ll get up stronger and refreshed. Some of the best moments with Him are those that require no words.
  5. Focus- Be sure you’re thinking about nothing but Him. Your mind should be blank-not thinking about bills, to-do lists, or your responsibilities. Just think about Him.
  6. Praise– I love praising God. Sometimes, I’ll just sit, meditate, and thank Him for all He’s done in my life. God also loves when we sing to Him. I’m not the best singer! But, that doesn’t matter to Him. He loves when we sing songs of praise to Him or just make up our own songs to Him.
  7. Music– I’ve found that playing worship music during my prayer time helps me focus on God. Right now, my favorite artist to listen during prayer is Kari Jobe.

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  1. Tydreeona Dantzler

    Hi Jordane! It’s been a while. I looked at the title of this post and instantly knew you were talking to me. I have struggled this problem for as long as I can remember. I know about God, but I don’t know HIM. I spend too much time focusing on how I want my life to be instead of how God wants my life to be. My dad reminds me all the time “Ona, if you want God to take you where he wants you to go you cannot have stipulations or requests. You cannot have your own contract filled in. You have to give God a blank contract with your signature. Symbolizing submission and trust. Telling him that you are willing to do anything he wants regardless of what you have to give up or take on.” This post helped me because I see that my dad is not the only one preaching this. Thanks… I am 17 years old and a Junior in High School. I will be heading to collage soon. I believe that this post will help me generate a better and stronger PERSONAL relationship with God. One that NO collage campus can tear apart .. Truly Inspiring.. Your strong Jordane and I sincerely admire that! 🙂

      1. Tydreeona Dantzler

        :)! I love you too! Columbia International University (CIU). Christian College. I am going for Communication/Public Relations. Then Clemson for Food Safety and Nutrition.

        1. Tydreeona Dantzler

          Hey by the way I love to listen to Kari Jobe as well. My favorites are Steady My Heart, Stars in the Sky, and What love is this.

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