One Thing Every Single Woman Must Do to Hear God about Her Husband

My fiancee Eddie and I while we were courting

So, I was recently talking to this woman who was telling me how much she wanted to hear God about who her husband is.

After we talked a bit more I asked her, “Have you been walking faithfully with the Lord?”

She admitted that she wasn’t where she needed to be with God and that she had been disobedient.

She wasn’t faithful listening to God about small matters. Yet, she was still trying to hear His voice about a much greater issue.

I know that so many women, including myself, can relate to this woman’s story.

I used to try so hard to hear God about who my husband was.

“Is it him God? Is this my husband? What about him?” I would anxiously pray in my head.

Although I was asking God this question, I still hadn’t totally submitted my heart, my actions, and my mind to him.

I was asking God to speak about something major, but I wasn’t even obeying Him on a minor level.

I wanted so bad to hear God’s voice about my husband.

But, the truth of the matter is that it’s easier to hear God’s voice as you walk in obedience.

As I state in the chapter about hearing God’s voice in my book I Believe in God, Now What?, when you obey God’s voice in the smaller matters, it’s much easier to hear Him on the larger matters, too. Read my free book sample here.

So, what’s the thing that every single woman must do before she can hear God about her husband?



Walk in daily obedience to God in the small matters.

As you walk in obedience to God in small matters, it becomes easier to hear Him about much larger matters.

How can you expect God to speak to you about your husband, when you haven’t even done the last small matter He told you to do?

What is God telling you to do now? What’s the last thing He told you to tackle that you’ve been procrastinating on?

Are you supposed to go back to school? Show more love to your family? Start a book or blog that you’ve procrastinated on?

Get that done and be consistently obedient.

Consistent obedience eliminates confusion about God’s voice and makes it easier to hear Him clearly and confidently.

If someone didn’t listen to you about something small, you wouldn’t trust them to listen about something much bigger.

God is no different.

What’s the last thing God told you to get done?

What have you been slow on being obedient about?

Let’s get that done. Then, you can move forward to the larger matters God has for you.

Have you ever asked God to answer you about something major while forgetting to handle the smaller matters He was telling you to get done? Tell me about it by commenting below. Then, share this blog with one single woman to inspire her.

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