Feeling Like God Hates You? Read This:

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Have you ever felt like God hates you?

“Why me? What am I doing wrong?” you might ask yourself

We’ve all been there, myself included. Just last week, I went through an instance at my job where I felt belittled. In my emotions, I allowed my thoughts to turn away from God.

“Why would you let me go through this?” I asked God. “Are you still near me?”

Thankfully, I turned my thoughts in a positive direction as I began to praise God and pray about the situation.

Your situation may be more intense compared to mine. You may be battling a divorce, job loss, a disease, a marriage, a relationship, death of a loved one, rape, abuse or molestation.

I’ve been there too. After getting raped two years ago, I blamed God and myself. I went through moments where I was so sure that God had forgotten about me.

But, He didn’t forget about me. And, regardless of your situation, He hasn’t forgotten about you either. God is always near His children. Even in our most difficult circumstances, His motive is still love, not hate. He is your creator, your Father, your Daddy, and your Protector-how could He hate you?

In the midst of your struggles, it’s most important to remember the following:

1) Are you saved? – If God doesn’t have your life, how can you blame Him for your problems? He can only takeover what He owns. God didn’t have my life when I was raped. So the people I surrounded myself with led my life down that path. It wasn’t my fault and it wasn’t God’s either. If He doesn’t own you, then your life is your own, not His. If you want Him to have your burdens, then you must give Him your life first by accepting His Son. Salvation is open to all of us. Click here for the prayer of salvation.

2) Trials of Disobedience vs. Trials of Growth – There are times when we face trials because God needs us to grow in certain areas of our lives before moving us to the next level. There are other times that we face trials because we have stepped outside of God’s will. God never desires us to suffer which is why He gives us commands. He knows what’s down the path that’s not His. If we choose to step outside of His Word, alternate situations other than what He desires for us will naturally follow. It’s all about having faith in Him to make the right decision. The choice is ours to make.

3) Don’t Blame God – God is a God of love, not confusion or hate. If your in God’s will, your difficulties are there to mold you into greatness. Do you think President Obama never faces trials just because he lives in the White House? No! If anything, the President faces more trials because He is the President. Great callings cause for great amounts of patience. He’s got to prepare you for where you’re going!

4) Praise Him – You will watch a change in your situation occur when you just praise God through what you’re going through! I’m a living witness! Praising God through times of difficulty shows Him you won’t leave Him during times of richness. You’re learning to completely dedicate yourself to Him regardless of your circumstances.

5) Growth – You can either come out of this battle stronger or weaker. If you let the battle defeat you, that’s your choice. But, you can also choose to make it a time of growth. Imagine having a sense of peace where nothing bothers you! I know a lady like this at my church. Even through her mother’s death, she was smiling and praising God. She came out stronger and richer. Imagine having that kind of strength! Well, actually, you can have that kind of strength. The Holy Spirit that gives her strength is no different than the Holy Spirit in you. It’s up to the individual to exercise the God that’s in them.

6) Don’t Look Back. Keep moving forward. – Sometimes the enemy will use struggles to bring us back to our old ways. For example, when I’m in times of difficulty, the enemy loves to send images of wine my way because he knows I once struggled with abusive drinking (read about that here). Once you are saved and repent for your past, God is no longer looking at what’s behind you. Stay focused on what’s ahead. You can’t help what’s happened, but you can change what’s coming ahead. (Other blogs on this topic are below)

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