The Top 5 Ways to Maximize Your Potential

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The blessings of God will always require extreme amounts of patience and strength. This is why He takes us through the preliminary seasons of growth-to expand our potential. Here are the top 5 lessons to remember as God takes you through times like this:
1) Don’t fight it– The greater the blessing, the higher your potential needs to be. The higher the potential, the more growth you’ll need to go through. Fighting God with negative thoughts, depression, and suicidal thoughts will only hinder the growth process. Thus, prolonging the process towards maximizes your potential.
2) Be humble– Remember how Jesus, who was innocent, humbled Himself on the cross for all of us? Humility=exaltation . Jesus, who humbled Himself more than all of us, is now Savior of the World. Stay strong…your blessing is coming.
3) Be patient – Get to the point where you are so focused on spending time with God that you aren’t even thinking about your situation! Once you’ve gotten to this point…stay there. Don’t let the devil sway you away.
4) Be steadfast in your faith-I’m guilty of being up one moment and down the other. God is working with me about this. Once you get to a point of strength..stay there.
5) Have joy– Having genuine joy will literally accelerate your season of difficulty! Just because you aren’t complaining, that doesn’t mean anything if you aren’t happy through it. God wants us to make Him our delight. If He is always our joy, then there is no reason for sorrow when storms come our way.
The hard times that God takes us through will always feel harder than they really are. God would never bring you to something that He wouldn’t take you out of. When you have Christ, you’re not alone. Remember-His faith in us is greater than our faith in ourselves. So, the trials we endure will always feel like more than we can handle. But, they aren’t. It’s just that God knows us better than we know ourselves. Have faith. After all, what’s the point of having a whole bunch of potential if you never get to use any of it? You can get through it. There’s blessings that will come after your obedience.

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What are other ways to maximize your potential during life’s tough moments? Comment and share your thoughts!




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