“I’ve Given Up Sex, Now What?”

Photo source: www.tiptoplifestyle.com

Photo source: www.tiptoplifestyle.com

For so long, sex was my greatest hurdle.

So, I thought for sure that once I tackled abstinence that I would finally be where I needed to be in God.

Girl, was I wrong!

What I had to learn the hard way: I had not arrived at perfection just because I learned how to keep my legs closed.

Somehow, I thought giving up sex meant I was “good to go” in God’s eyes.

For so long, promiscuity was my biggest battle. So, from my perspective, once I had conquered life without sex until marriage, I thought my life with Christ would be a breeze!

Girl, bye! No!

What I neglected to realize is that God just doesn’t look at the sin. He looks at the root of the sin.

So, while I was focused on getting over promiscuity, God was looking at the much deeper issues in my heart that caused that promiscuity.

Sex was only the surface level part of my problem.

Once I let God scratch the surface, it was easy to see that what was under the surface-my pride, unforgiveness, and insecurities-were the much deeper issues He had to deal with.

So, if you’re a single, Christian woman whose made the step to finally give God your body and you’re wondering what happens next, here are some points to remember:

  1. No Comparison-It’s easy to compare yourself to the girl who sleeps around, isn’t a Christian, but still gets a boyfriend and a ring before you do. Instead of being jealous of her, pray for her (Psalm 37:1). When you aren’t living on God’s path, you aren’t under His protection. Be grateful you found God when you did and don’t let others tempt you to go your own way. God’s rewards for His children never fall short.
  2. Patience– You aren’t entitled to a man simply because you’ve made the right moves for God. Giving up sex is your reasonable service, not something you do for God to get what you want (Romans 12:1). Check your motives.
  3. You have not arrived– Sis, there will always be something that God is changing about you. Never think that giving up sex, drinking, smoking, or clubbing means you’ve done enough. Your physical sins were only a representation of the deeper battles within your heart. Now that you’ve finished those, know that God will still have a lot of pruning and molding to do within you before you’re prepared for your husband. God will deal with you about your pride, your lack of humility, your impatience, and all the other aspects of your character that need to be more like Him before you call yourself trying to get married. Don’t fight Him. Trust the process.

After you’ve given up your physical battles, your mental and spiritual battles are the tests you’ll really have to fight to pass. The spiritual battles are the ones that take the longest to get over because they’re buried deep in your heart.

But, you can get through them if you humble yourself and remember that no suffering done for Christ is done in vain. The God in you is much greater than your struggle! Don’t give up! He’s got you!

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PS- On November 21, I’ll be speaking about abstinence at a single women’s conference in Bennettsville, SC (St. Michael United Methodist Church, 116 Cheraw St., 29512 ). If you are in the area come join us! Event number: (843) 479-9958

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