5 Ways to Wait on God For Your Mate

My single life before God was everything but holy.


I was sexing, clubbing, smoking weed, and doing anything else you can imagine to relieve my stress.


I called my lifestyle “living the life.” But, I wasn’t living. I was dying.


In the midst of my crazy life, I had the nerve to walk around saying I wanted a Godly man.


I would go to the clubs, smoke, shack up, and do whatever else I wanted to please my flesh.


Then, I would come home at night, pray, and have the nerve to blame God for not having a Godly man in my life.


I had nerve- a lot of nerve.


Ladies, take it from me: God is not your whore.


You can’t treat God however you want and then expect Him to give you your desires.


I had to stop taking advantage of God’s grace. I had to stop treating Him like a quick fix by only using Him to feel better about my pain.


Just because forgiveness is afforded to me, that doesn’t give me an excuse to keep intentionally sinning, fearing, and not moving forward in obedience.


There is a way for you to have God’s peace. But, you can only receive His peace through your obedience.


Yes, God may have a Godly man for you. But, you won’t find Him while you’re in the clubs, doubting God, or living however else you want.


If you want that Godly man, you’re going to have to be that Godly woman. You’re going to have to develop an actual relationship with God beyond Sunday morning.


Here are some steps towards waiting on God for a mate the right way:

  1. Make the Decision –You have to make up in your mind that you’re going to serve God first. Oftentimes, people say they are going to live for God, but their mindsets don’t line up with their words. So, in order to successfully live for God, make sure your mindset is focused on Him. Then, keep it on Him.
  2. Trust Him – The key to trusting God is spending time with Him. You wouldn’t trust a stranger with your money or life because you don’t know them. But, you may trust your best friend with your money because you’ve spent time with her. Trust comes with time. The more time you spend with God, the more you know Him. The more you know Him, the easier it becomes to trust Him.
  3. Be Intentional- You can’t be lazy if you want to grow in God. You’re going to have to make the effort to be with Him. He already knows who you are, now it’s time for you to get to know Him. But, you won’t know Him unless you put the time and effort in. Get up an hour before work or school to pray and read scriptures. Then, do the same thing at night before bed. Sometimes, you may be led to turn off that TV and pick up your Bible. If you want God, you’re going to have to make the effort. Be intentional about your time with Him.
  4. Listen – Learn God’s voice. You’ll learn His voice as you spend more time in His Word. Always obey God immediately without hesitation. If you hesitate, you allow room for the enemy to lead you to disobedience. God’s voice will lead you to cut some people, men, and situations out of your life. Listen to Him. His instructions are a part of His love.
  5. Prayer never stops- The Bible instructs us to pray and meditate on the Word throughout the day. Don’t limit your time with God to certain times of the day. Your conversation with Him should never stop. Talk to Him about what you’re doing and thinking. Don’t wonder or worry, pray. Turn your thoughts into prayers and exchange your doubt for scripture. If this blog inspired you, please use the share buttons below to inspire someone else.

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