The Book That Changed My Life: Deepening Your Relationship with God Through Understanding

It’s not often that I’ll do this, but from time to time I’ll step outside my normal blogging routine to recommend you guys material that I believe will be helpful to your walk with Christ.


Awhile ago, I had the opportunity to edit a book that completely changed my life. Yes, it was that serious.


You see, this book was special because I began editing the content at a time in my life where I was going through a lot of uncertainty with God. God, in the miraculous ways that He works, had told me to drop my life as a Peace Corps volunteer in Morocco to move back to America. This was the biggest step of faith I had ever made.


To top it off, He didn’t say where to go. I just knew it was no longer His will for me to live out of the country.


securedownload So, I dropped it all. I mean everything. I gave up my apartment, my life, my job and everything else and left. Because God told me to!


Things didn’t make sense to me at first, but I still had to press on. I had to keep God’s understanding in tact. If I doubted Him for a moment, I put myself in jeopardy of becoming discouraged and complaining.

That season was tough! I had to lose so much but I gained so much more in return. I grew in patience, forgiveness, humility, and love.


That’s the thing about God. He’ll never ask you to leave anything without giving you more in return. Why would He? He’s your Daddy! His commands are not to hurt you, they’re to help you! Stepping out on obedience is more about your benefit than His.


Anyway, in the midst of that season, a work opportunity came along for me to edit a book called, Understanding: All Success is Attained by It.

Let me be real with you. At the time that the opportunity came, I had no idea that God was going to use the book to teach me lessons that I would need for that season of difficulty. Through the author’s words, I was learning how to obey God’s understanding of a situation.


In many instances, we know exactly what God has told us to do but we are quicker to lean unto our own understanding than His. Unfortunately, we do ourselves an injustice when we refuse to submit our pride to God’s will. Most importantly, we miss out on the success that He has for us.


As I learned from this book, every command that God gives is attached to the success He desires for you. If you can step out in faith, you’ll reap the success. If you lean unto your own understanding, you’ll lose focus and miss your blessing.


As I read more of the book, I began to understand that God didn’t just ask me to leave the Peace Corps simply because He felt like doing so. He had and still has a plan. That plan is attached to the success He wants for me. All I had to do to reap was to stay focused on His understanding of the situation, not my own. Any moments of discouragement or complaint meant that I was leaning unto my own understanding, not His.


So, what is God telling you to step out on faith about? If you can learn to stay faithful in obedience, then you can reap the many rewards that God has for your life. Don’t just look at your difficulties as times of hardship. Instead, ask God to help you understand the situation from His perspective. If you can stick with His understanding, then you’ll reap His success.

If you are going through a tough season in your life, I definitely recommend purchasing this book to help you understand more about what God is doing in your life. His insight will give you more clarity and a better ability to stay focused. Here’s the link to purchase: www.understandingnow.com

My book I Believe in God, Now What? reveals my past battles with alcohol abuse, weed addiction, and rape in an effort to help others find forgiveness, love, and healing in Christ. Read more about the book here.

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  5. Rennika

    People speak of God speaking to them and telling them what to do and I have never experienced this, I don’t understand why? I would like to, I don’t like the uncertainty I have. I would love clearly hear and understand what His call is on my life, but I can’t for whatever reason.

    1. I know exactly what you mean . Knowing God’s voice took me sometime. I’ll be the first to admit that I was wrong a lot of times. It’s a learning process- understanding the difference between his voice and my own. But, it’s become a lot of easier overtime. The key things that help are to stay in God’s Word, obey Him every time , and spend time with Him in prayer. Much like a persons voice over telephone, you’ll only recognize who they are without caller ID if you know them well. God is the same way, if you want to know His voice well without hesitation. Simply spend more time in His Word and prayer with Him. I would recommend reading 2-3 scriptures daily. Don’t just read chapters just do so. Read something that you are struggling with (forgiveness, money, hurt, wisdom). Then, try to memorize and apply those scriptures to your life in times of weakness. Once you incorporate more of God into your life, you’ll learn more about Him. Then, learning His voice will naturally follow. I hope this helps . Even when you get God’s voice mixed up with your own, don’t give up. You’ll never get it right if you quit. Like I said, I was wrong a lot. But, that’s the thing about God. There are no wrong turns in Him. If you go unintentionally go the wrong way, He has to steer you right-He’s your Dad and He’ll always protect you 🙂

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