Common Misconceptions: Masturbation Isn’t a Sin

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I struggled with masturbation for the majority of my life. Even after giving my life to God, I still had trouble in this area.

The interesting thing is that I had no idea that what I was doing was “wrong.” I didn’t know there was anything bad about it because my church didn’t discuss the topic. The habit seemed to be common amongst other people, so I never even felt convicted.

Then, as I got closer to God, something just didn’t seem quite right about what I was doing. Even though my church never preached on the topic, I became uncomfortable with what I was doing. I didn’t need a preacher to tell me what I was doing was wrong. As I got closer to God, I just knew that my actions didn’t reflect what God wanted for my life.

As we inch closer in our walks with the Lord, we will naturally feel convicted when we live out of His will. Before God, I could easily go to church then come back home and please myself because I was living in my flesh. My relationship with God had no existence beyond the four walls of the church.

My decisions naturally reflected my personal time with God. I didn’t know what He perceived as wrong because I didn’t know Him, I only knew the world.

No, I never read “Thou shalt not masturbate” in the Bible. But, I don’t need to. My conscience did the talking for itself. I’ve already read numerous scriptures about the dangers of lust to know that God speaks about masturbation when He speaks about lust (Ephesians 5:3). When you masturbate, that’s a form of lust (an ungodly desire, impure thoughts, thoughts that don’t line up with God’s will, etc.).

It was naive of me to go with my own understanding of masturbation. How dare I say, “God doesn’t see masturbation as sin,” when I didn’t even know who He was! Church was my friend, but only on Sunday. That’s not enough time to truly understand God and know His perception of my life.

Jesus made a radical statement. He said that if someone looks lustfully at another person, they’ve committed adultery already in their heart. If Jesus called a lustful look sin, what do you think he would call masturbation (Matthew 5:28)?

What Satan won’t tell you is that there are repercussions to masturbation. Did you know masturbation can damage your organs and even keep you from being able to have normal sexual relations once married? There are some who have permanently jeopardized their chances of ever having children-simply because they couldn’t hold off until marriage and had to please themselves in those moments. I’m not trying to scare you. I’m trying to help you.

If you look at all the negative results of masturbation, how could you even think that God would be ok with it? Why would He want you to do something that could hinder your chances to produce life? It’s not worth it! Don’t listen to any doctor who tells you “masturbation is perfectly healthy!” That doctor won’t be there to defend you at the call of judgement. Who is your God? A doctor or Christ?

If this is an area that you are struggling with, there is hope and redemption in Christ. If I can get through it after over 20 years, then you can too! Check out these resources for additional help: Overcoming Porn and Masturbation, Secret Sins: Masturbation and Porn, and Virgin Lips: 7 Reasons Why I Waited to Kiss My Wife Until Our Wedding Day.

Most importantly, remember that guilt is not of God. The same devil who leads you to sin is the same one who will make you feel guilty and unworthy of God’s love. Don’t listen to him! Once you seek God’s repentance, meaning to actually turn away from the sin, your slate is wiped clean (2 Chronicles 7:14). His love is always available to you, no matter your past.

The key to letting go of masturbation is staying in God’s Word and continuously spending time with Him throughout the day. When you feel weak, your spirit can make you strong. This a battle we are in! Use your weapon-the Word of God!

Keep your amor of shield on by protecting yourself from sexual music and TV. I used to love bumping my Wacka Flocka, Lil’ Wayne, Beyonce, and Drake. I would even sing along to the parts that encouraged me to do things that God didn’t want. But, when I decided to become serious about God, I realized I couldn’t truly live for Him while still listening to music telling me to drop my panties. Don’t be fooled. No matter how many times they thank God at the Grammys, God is not in that music. Why would He produce music that goes against His Word? That would mean God is a hypocrite! And my Daddy ain’t no hypocrite-so I know that’s a lie!

At some point in time, you have to choose-you’re either all in for God or you’re not. There is no in between. If you need help, I’m here. We can pray together and talk this out. You’re not alone as long as you have Christ.

Additional Scriptures to help you: 1 Corinthians 10:31, Romans 14:23, 1 Corinthians 6:19-20.

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  1. Jordone,

    This was what I read first before posting on your about page. I just wanted to come back to say thank you for allowing the Lord to use you to inspire others. People are always blessed from the pains of our passed. It’s an awesome thing to be used by the hand of our awesome God! Well done!


  2. This is good. And the truth is that I always like it when a lady addresses this issue. And having battle with it yourself, I like how you using your story to encourage and help others overcome it. God bless you Jordone.

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