Who is “the one” God has for you?

bookpromo-01 I’ve shared before how embarrassing it was that I was wrong about “the one” God had for me. (You can read that blog here).

Blinded by insecurities and lust, I was too full of pride to see that the guy I liked wasn’t who God had for me.

Even though the guy made it clear he didn’t want to date me, I kept forcing the relationship, thinking I could win him over through prayer and kindness.

I was so foolish!

Sadly, there are so many women still in my former situation.

They’ve found themselves stuck in relationships trying to make something work that God never ordained.

Since the idea of “the one” is such a heavy topic in many single Christian women’s lives, I’ve decided to do a quick interview with Author Karolyne Roberts about her newest book, “The One” Revealed: A Woman’s Hopeful and Helpful Guide in Knowing Who Her Husband Is.

Below and in the book, Karolyne openly shares her own mistakes with being wrong about “the one” in a way that will help any woman get the clarity she’s looking for.

This book is for any woman who’s single, married, or engaged who wants to discover more about the true One and all He has for you.

1. Why did you decide to write “The One“?

Karolyne: A lot of people, especially women, want to know if “The One” really exists. My book addresses this topic in a new light and shares a deeper revelation of this concept. So essentially, hopefully those who read the book will receive a revelation of “The One” and who or what “The One” really is. It’s about more than just “finding” the one… but having the spiritual insight and discernment to recognize “The One”.

2. Who do you think can relate to “The One“?
Karolyne: “I think that every woman, no matter what season in life they are in, will be able to relate to my book. I do my best to touch on singleness, marriage, arranged marriage, even widow-hood, and divorce!”
3. What would you say to someone who may say, “Karolyne, I’m divorced, with kids, and I just don’t think there’s a “one” out there for me anymore. How can your book relate to me?
Karolyne: “My book will provide hope in your situation and give you a new way of seeing things. Inevitably, if you see things differently, you will act upon your new beliefs and attract different results to your life. Or, you will TRULY learn to grow content and be at peace with your current situation.”
4. Is there anything else you’d tell everyone about yourself or your book?
Karolyne:I was once that girl who thought “God told me who my husband was” and I was wrong. I was also that girl who thought “God told me who my husband was” and I was right. I know both sides. This book is a transparent sharing of my journey and it was birthed out of a place of brokenness. Through writing this book, God filled me up and made me whole again, restored my marriage, and I know that He can do the very same for you!
5. Where can people purchase your book or find out more information about your book?
Karolyne: You can purchase the book on Amazon.com by just typing in the title: “The One” Revealed: A Woman’s Hopeful and Helpful Guide in Knowing Who Her Husband Is or at my website, KarolyneRoberts.com where I sign them and mail them out personally.

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