If You’re A Virgin or Considering Abstinence, Read This:

Dear Virgins,

Today, I’d like to encourage you.

You see, its come to my attention that there are men out there who don’t know your worth.

I’m also aware that the media and society don’t appreciate you either.

So, I’m going to let you know just how great you are.

People mock you in movies-they call you weak and insignificant.

But, how can you be weak when you’ve had the courage to do what others didn’t? That’s not weakness-that’s bravery.

Let’s look at all you’ve had to face-temptation, criticism, and even harsh remarks from friends and family. Yet, you’ve still pressed on. You’ve kept going. You’ve defied the odds.

You may feel tired of waiting. You may even have moments where you no longer see the point of honoring God since no one else is. But, you’ve got to stay strong. Your story will be someone else’s strength.

Because of your courage, your one day spouse will look at God and say, “Wow, thank you for blessing me!” That man will know how great you are simply because of your ability to defy the odds. So, don’t lose hope! Keep pressing forward!

Whether you’re a virgin, or a born again virgin like myself, the spouse that God has for you will know your worth. If someone has proven they don’t know your value, thank them and keep moving. That’s nothing to be upset about. Be grateful that they’ve kept you from wasting anymore of your time. They’ve also helped you to appreciate and recognize who your future spouse is not. There’s no reason to be bitter about the past. Be appreciative for the experience and keep them in prayer.

This blog applies to any man or woman waiting on God’s perfect timing. You are worth the wait! You can hold on! I’m here to encourage you. Ignore the “scary” stories and women who say that waiting was a mistake. Their story is not yours! Follow God’s will and all else will follow. (Additional Scriptures on this topic are below)

Did you find this blog inspirational? Then please share so it can inspire others! You never know someone’s story-your help could save someone’s life. Thanks for your support!

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Scriptures on this topic: “Humble yourselves therefore under the mighty hand of God, that he may exalt you in due time” – 1 Peter 5:6… “But seek ye first the kingdom of God, and his righteousness; and all these things shall be added unto you.” -Matthew 6:33

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5 Responses

  1. Rick

    Thanks for your posts. I find them encouraging, even though I’m a guy; as a 29 year old virgin it’s not always easy, especially considering the pressure from society and my own party tendencies, but I needed these reminders, although they were written for women.

    1. Hey Rick! Im so happy my posts inspire you! I address them to women because they are written from my perspective but I believe that anyone can relate to my writing and God’s desires for their lives. I’m happy you found that to be true. Much love and I’m always here if you need additional encouragement or someone to talk to!

  2. Abbey

    I loved your article! I am so grateful for women like you who not only believe in abstinence before marriage but are willing to share it with the world. I was always told that my body is a temple. And we are to respect them as such. God has given us the ability to have children and it is so sacred that he has asked us not to abuse it and save it for marriage. I know that you and many other women will be very blessed for your decision. What made you decide to make this change in your life?
    Also I found this really great article that talked about the blessings of waiting. This website has a lot of good advice on how to face the challenges in our lives. Have a wonderful day! Thank you again for your example.

  3. This was a great post Jordon! In today’s society, there is so much virgin shaming. It’s as though we’re odd or strange for waiting. It’s almost as though the world wants to guilt us into having sex just to be accepted as having a “normal” relationship. Who made those rules? And why should we abide by them? Great article! Continue to share your story with the world! We’re hearing you!

    1. Aw Praise God! I totally agree! There’s nothing wrong with obeying God with your body! I wish I had known that years ago but I thank God for His mercy to be a born-again virgin 🙂 He’s awesome ! Thanks for reading Zaire 🙂

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