The Top 5 Reasons Many Christian Women Stay Single

I used to be so eager to get married.

Every date that I went on-I was so sure they were the “one” before I even knew their last name! As soon as a guy would ask me for my number, I was ready to give them my body. I was insecure, lonely, and lacking a relationship with God. Instead of seeking God for the love I wanted, I tried to find it in men and sex.

The truth is: I was hungrier for a man than I was for God. I may have said I loved God, but my actions didn’t prove so.

I wasn’t ready for a man back then. Sure, I was going to church. But, God cares about our lives more than our church attendance. And, my life was a wreck!

Although God has blessed me to now be with the man I will soon marry, I was once in danger of not receiving him, simply because of my disobedience. I don’t want you to make those mistakes so here are the top things you can do to avoid blocking your own blessing:

1) Be hungrier for God than Marriage– God is a jealous God. I know it’s natural to spend all day thinking about your new boo, but God is not pleased with a mindset that focuses more on another man than it does Him. Being quick to move your mind away from God shows Him that you want a man more than Him. It also shows that you become easily distracted. If your mind is off God during your single life, how can you expect to stay focused on Him during the difficulties of married life?

2) Let Go of the Baggage – Communication with past exes is a no no! How can God open a door for a new relationship when you are still peeping through the cracks of the old one? (Read my past blog on this)

3) Submit – Be honest with yourself. What is holding you back from completely trusting God? Sex is not the way to a man’s heart, God is. The Bible is clear-wait until marriage. We can’t expect God to bless us when we only obey the parts of the Bible that our convenient for us. He wants our total devotion, not only part of it. Where do you cast your cares? If you are quicker to pick up a glass of wine than your Bible, then you may need to rethink your priorities. Yes, Jesus drank wine. But, He didn’t use it as a stress reliever.

4) Seek God Before the Date and in the Date– Too many of us blame God for our bad relationships. Yet, we didn’t even ask His opinion before pursuing that man! Ignore what you can see-God knows the heart. Get your eyes off his shiny new car and business suit and ask that man if he’s saved!

5) Wait on God– Patience is not just a action, it’s a mindset and an act of endurance. God may want that man for you but it’s got to be on His time, not yours. What are you doing while waiting? This time should be spent getting to know Him better, not out in the clubs searching for your husband. Get in the Word, pray, and sit still. Don’t take matters into your own hands. There’s nothing you can do for yourself that God can’t do better. Please, just be patient. It’s more than worth the wait! (Picture and other blogs on this topic are below)

What are your thoughts on the Christian single life? Comment and share your thoughts!

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Me and my Eddie! We’ve been in a relationship for about a year now and plan on getting married! I know I wouldn’t have received him if I was still stuck on my own ways. Ladies, let go of the little that’s in your hand so God can give you so much more. It’s worth it!

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