Can God Replace Your Daddy?


Her eyes filled with water as the streams of tears fell down her face.

It was her second appointment with a phsychiatrist but they seemed to be getting nowhere.

jesus-holding-a-child-prayer-request She was upset that she had no relationship with her family, especially her father. Not because he hadn’t tried, but because her bitterness about life left her too sour to allow any man too close unless that man was ready to hurt her.

Her perception of love was screwed. Her father, her mother, her sister, and everyone else around her wanted to be close to her, but she was too perfect at rejecting authentic love.

She thought love was sex, feelings, emotions, and pain. She wanted the world’s form of love, not God’s.

She was hurt and insecure from her adolescent days of isolation and exclusion. So, she accepted the kind of relationships that reflected the low thoughts she had of herself. Now, she was hoping this psychiatrist could be the healing to her pain. She wanted this lady with numerous degrees on her wall to do more than listen to her problems. She wanted her to be the cure to her life. But, she couldn’t. That wasn’t her job, it was God’s. So, each session left her sadder, because more thoughts about her non-existent relationship with her father kept coming up, but nothing was being done to solve the issues.

It wasn’t until three years later, after numerous failed attempts to find love in many more wrong relationships that she would realize the truth: only God can replace your Daddy. Once she allowed God’s love into her life, she was freely able to accept and nurture the love of her father.

This is my story.

I had to learn the hard way that the love many feel is missing from their fathers can only be replaced with God. But, you don’t have to. Here are a few steps to take as you deepen your relationship with God to the Fatherly level:

1) Salvation – God can’t be your Dad and protector until He has your life. He can only have your life through His Son. So, first and foremost, make sure you’ve accepted His Son. Jesus Christ is the only way by which we become children of God, and not just His creations. Jesus is a present to humanity. He’s the way that God gives us an invitation into His family. But, we have to accept His gift. Click here for the prayer of salvation. Remember: it’s not just about praying the prayer, it’s about living your life for Him too.

2) Be real – The difference between best friends and acquaintances is that best friends can be real with each other. They can tell each other secrets, trust each other, and express their true feelings without inhibition. God is no different. He always wanted to be our God and our Daddy too. He wants a relationship with you, not religion. Talk to God like you would talk to your best friend. Tell Him when you’re tired of being patient, waiting for marriage, or frustrated. Then, ask Him for help in those areas. He can fully help you once you’re honest about where you are with Him.

3) Be open – As God’s children, He takes delight in pleasing us when the desires align with His will. Sometimes, God wants to bless us spiritually, mentally, and physically, but we are too closed off to receive Him. Be open. In your prayer time and throughout the day, get your mind off your problems so you can hear what God is saying about your life. Then, be open to receiving His love and correction. The whole idea about trusting God goes beyond the self. The further our minds are away from ourselves, the more we are able to help someone else in need.

4) Communicate Often – Best friends want to communicate with each other while acquaintances only talk because they’re put in a situation where communication is necessary. Talking to God often is the surest way towards feeling that Fatherly love He desires for you. Talk to Him throughout the day. Replace your thoughts, ideas, and complaints with prayers. Most of all, enjoy it. It may feel funny at first but be patient to the point where all-day communication with Him not only feels natural, but fulfilling.

Yes, God can replace your Daddy. Yes, God craves to be your all. Yes, God longs to be that protection in your life. But, you have to do your part. You have to allow Him to protect you. You have to be the one to give Him your all. You have to let Him enter your life. When God becomes your Daddy, your life with Him is no longer about religion, but a relationship. Any relationship requires roles from both parties. God has already played His role-He gave His only Son so that you could live. Now, will you play your role? Will you make the next move? Accept Christ, trust Him, spend time daily, and let Him lead the way. If this blog inspired you, please share the love with someone else by clicking below

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  2. Tydreeona

    Touched! I have not had the time to read your blog in a while. I just opened my email and saw your latest. I am seriously touched! I think it’s about time that someone shared what REAL LOVE is. NOT worldly but God’s infinite and never ending love. There are so many pressures and perspectives when it comes to the word love. People have love and affection’s definition twisted and I thank you sincerely for being another voice in showing the world what real love; God’s love is 🙂 BTW I LOVE that yellow jacket!!!!!!

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