4 Ways to Tell He’ll Never Marry You

Pic source: sheknows.com

Pic source: sheknows.com

I once waited what felt like my entire life for a guy to propose.

I was naive and just beginning to learn God’s voice for myself. “The Lord told me you’re the one,” I said to him one day. He had clearly already made it known he wanted nothing to do with me romantically. Still, I pressed on.

I was so sure he was the “one.” But, I was wrong. I wasn’t hearing God’s voice, I was hearing my own. A classic mistake many women make when they care about someone and want God to support their beliefs.

Now, God tried to protect me. He tried to tell me through a pastor that I was indeed not hearing the voice of God. But, in my naiveté, I rejected his advice and continued to steer myself in the wrong direction, assuming God would get behind me.

I was wrong. So wrong that when God’s future husband for me did come along, I didn’t initially recognize him because I was still blinded my own stupidity and stubborness.

It’s God’s job to protect His children. So, He’ll always make sure sure He watches out for your best interest. But, He can’t force you to make the right decision. I should have listened to my pastor, but I didn’t. Instead, I went to a friend who I knew would tell me what I wanted to hear, not what I needed to know. So, I walked around like a chicken with my head cut off, chasing a guy that clearly had little to no concern for me. And, I had no one to blame but myself.

Usually, when a man doesn’t have any intention to marry you, he will make it clear. God will make it known to you too. It’s up to you to decide who you will obey, God or yourself.

Don’t be strung along or waste your time. Here are 4 tell-tale signs that man won’t marry you:

1) Distance– Is he constantly expecting you to be the one to call or maintain the communication? Are you always more eager to talk or spend time together than he is? Does there seem to be distance in the relationship unless you make the effort to communicate or be together? These are obvious signs that he’s not going after you. A guy who cares about you will want to make the effort to spend time together. You’re worth more. Move on.

2) Verbal – Sometimes guys will boldly say, “I don’t want to be with you,” “you’re not my type,” “You’re too this for me,” or “you’re too that for me,” but we will still hear what we want to hear. If a guy says any of the above, he’s making it clear that neither marrying you nor being with you is on his mind.

3) Non-verbal – When you bring up the topics of marriage, wedding, or engagement, does he become distant or quickly tries to change the subject? Does he become awkward when his friends and family bring up the idea of marrying you? I bet he wouldn’t act that way if they offered him a million dollars! You’re worth more than a million honey! Move on, he doesn’t know your worth.

4) Hush! – You think you know him so well because you’ve talked on the phone for 3 hours each night for the past 3 months. But, who’s really been doing all the talking? Is he opening up too, or just listening? A man who wants to build a future with you will do more than just listen, he’ll talk too. Be quiet, ask some questions, and see how well you really know him. Please share the love of this post with someone else 🙂 (More blogs like this below)

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  5. You are very right on this subject!!! I am glad I took heed early on. You need to be telling more young ladies this. My pastor always preaches about this from time to time to the women in the church!!!

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