Pinky Promise 2014…A Life Changing Experience

Cornelius Lindsey, myself, and Heather Lindsey, after I got my book signed by Heather. Check out her book Pink Lips and Empty Hearts.

It’s amazing to go back to the place you were when God delivered you from all of your mess.


This past weekend, I travelled to Atlanta, GA for the annual Pinky Promise Conference. I hadn’t been to the city since re-dedicating my life to God. Almost immediately after setting foot in the downtown area, I was reminded of how far God had brought me.


The height of my sin, the alcohol abuse, the fornication, the weed addiction, and the lust had all been at its peak during my college years of Spelman in Atlanta. I was such a lonely, insecure, young lady looking for love in all the wrong places. I had no idea about living for God, let alone joining a group like Pinky Promise.


Little did I know that God would change my world after my college graduation. After experiencing a traumatic date rape experience, I had finally had enough of living my own ways. I was ready to give God a chance at having my life.


Kneeling on my bedroom floor, I told God I was ready to give my all to Him. I was ready to give Him my sex, my weed, my alcohol use, and all the men I used to fill the lonely voids in my heart.


1 year later, a friend told me about Pinky Promise, a non-profit organization dedicated to encouraging women to give their lives and bodies to God. The founder, Heather Lindsey, is one of the most humble and genuine people I have ever met.


Like myself, Heather once used men and relationships to fill the voids that only God can. She even found herself in relationships that were mentally, emotionally, and physically abusive. Ready to make a change, she decided to get out of her mess and turn to God. Not too long afterwards, she started Pinky Promise.


Standing outside the conference room, I looked around at the thousands of women ready to totally submit to God. Looking at them, all I could think was, “Wow, look at what has happened from one woman’s obedience to God’s commands.”


You never know the blessing that is behind your obedience. If you are struggling in an area that God is trying to pull you away from, let go. Your life is not just about you, it’s about someone else that you are assigned to inspire and minister to.

If Heather hadn’t submitted, there would be no Pinky Promise, and who knows where all those young ladies would be.


Imagine where we would all be if we would just trust God and let go. One of the greatest feelings I get from writing these blogs is seeing the e-mails and messages from all of you telling me how inspired you are to live for God and stay abstinent. However, if I hadn’t let go of my own ways, none of this would be possible.


At some point in time, you have to realize that the blessing behind your faith is more powerful than the temptation itself. When you suffer for God, it’s never in vain. You will always get so much more than your suffering is worth. God has so much for you, He’s just waiting for your obedience to reach the level of His giving. (See pics from this weekend below)

My book I Believe in God, Now What? reveals my past battles with alcohol abuse, weed addiction, and rape in an effort to help others find forgiveness, love, and healing in Christ. Read more about the book here.

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Thousands of ladies praising God during the Pinky Promise worship service

Pics of my sisters in Christ and I from this weekend…..

securedownload-7 securedownload-1 Love this lady! She has a true heart for God! 🙂

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  4. So i just stumbled across your IG page and saw you had a blog site.. I read two of your blogs and i’m loving you already.. thank you for your obedience.. And yes I love my pinky promise sisters.. This conference was amazing, and im excited for next years conference.

  5. Shakiya

    Great post I’m in PinkyPromise Charleston ! This part really struck me
    “you have to realize that the blessing behind your faith is more powerful than the temptation itself.” God bless you sis for your obedience !

  6. Kandice

    Love love love ALL your blogs! Your story sounds much like mind and it’s a reminder that I’m not or was I ever alone….thank you for your transparently and obedience…..it’s so refreshing to see other young women living for Christ and being bold and unashamed about it. Thank you. Keep doing gods work. It is inspiring women like me to continue to walk with Christ.

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