4 Reasons Why You’re Still Single

“When am I going to meet my next boyfriend?”

“When am I going to find my husband?”

“Why is everyone in a relationship except me?”

You are like me if you’ve thought any of the above thoughts.

I have been guilty of worrying about my relationship, my money, my career, and anything else you can think of.

As soon as I conquer one form of worry, it seems as if Satan is ready to find something else to make me worry about.

One of the most difficult worries I had to overcome was my desire for a man. Before God, I would make myself spiritually sick because I was so worried over something that God had already taken care of.

Have you ever realized that your worrisome mindset always leads to insecurities, depression, and negative decision making?

For example, there were times where I would go out on a date worried about whether this guy was “the one.” I would be so worried that I would start getting insecure about my worth.

Because I was in a state of insecurity, I would let my emotions get ahead of me by having pre-martial sex with him. Then, when he didn’t give me the attention I thought he would after sex, I would feel depressed and lonely.

Instead of giving my depression to God, I would become even hungrier for another man to fill my voids. And, the cycle would continue- a cycle that could have been easily avoided if I had never worried.

Ladies, it’s so important that we learn to immediately give our worries to God. Whether you are worried about your future man, your current boo, your bills, the thoughts of others, or your job, worrying will only hinder you from progression.

If you want God to prepare you for a Godly man, you’re going to have to change your mindset, not just your actions.

Imagine if God let you get married in the midst of your confused, worried mindset. You would only take that same type of negative thinking into your marriage.

Because you never gave that worry to God, your bad habit became a part of your character. Now, your husband has to deal with your nagging about the bills, children, and everything else.

Of course, such consistent behavior can easily put any marriage on the rocks. So, now you’re on the brink of a divorce because you didn’t take the time to learn how to stop worrying and trust God before you got married.

Now, you may be able to see why you are still single.

God loves you. He’s not going to let you walk into any relationship or endeavor if you are not ready.

So, if you want to accelerate your growth in the Lord, let’s look at some ways we can avoid worry.

If you aren’t doing the following, your worrying and lack of faith in God’s timing could very well be the reason why you are still single.

1) Immediate separation– Do not let worrisome thoughts sit in your mind for even a second. Immediately separate yourself from that thought. Then, replace that thought with praise. If your thought doesn’t match with Philippians 4:8, don’t think it. If your thinking is aligned with God’s thoughts, you aren’t focused on your bills or when you’ll get a man. You are focused on Him. Do you immediately separate yourself from negativity or do you allow it to dwell on your mind?

2) Believe in God’s timing– So, we all say God’s timing is perfect. But, how many of us actually believe that statement? Acts 1:7 declares that it’s not for us to know when God will bring forth His blessings. So, if you are focused on “when will my man come?”…when this or when that…you are only preparing yourself for worry! Get out of the “when” mindset and get in the God mindset. When you’re totally in Him, the “when’s” become unimportant to you. If you truly believe in God’s timing, then your actions and faith will follow that belief.

3) More time with God– From personal experience, I’ve found that worrisome thoughts are usually a sign that I’m not spending enough time in God’s Word. Don’t limit God to your personal time with Him. Is more of your free time spent scrolling through social media or praying? Pray all throughout the day. Every time you have a free moment, pull out your scriptures on your phone. You’ll only get in what you put in. So, don’t be mad at God about your situation and worrisome thoughts if you refuse to spend more time with Him. You have to do your part.

4) Get God’s Understanding– God’s understanding is an amazing concept that I learned from a book I edited: Understanding: All Success is Attained by It. Whatever God says about your situation is all the understanding you need. God only moves on faith. Have you asked Him about your situation in faith? Or, have you only gone to Him in fear and worry. If you want to know what He thinks, make sure you’ve first done all of the above to get rid of your worry. Then, approach Him in love, not fear, to find out His thoughts. Afterwards, be patient for His reply.

Instead of having faith in your desires, have faith in God’s love. I encourage you to let go of worry and apply the steps above to your life. If you want a God fearing man, show God that you’re preparing to become that God fearing woman too. Then, you can watch His blessings flow according to His will. If this blog inspired you, please share to help someone else 🙂 (other blogs on this topic are below)

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