Dating Tip 101: Shacking Up Before Marriage

I used to live with my ex before my senior year of college.

We did everything together like a married couple: we had sex, bought groceries, paid bills, and played house. We had everything down about married life except the marriage part.

To me, the situation was normal. I had plenty of friends that were playing house, too. Little did I know, my friends were just as lost as I was.

We were all in the same boat: believing in God but not living for Him. We all prayed, went to church, and knew scriptures here and there, but our lives didn’t match up with our words.

Just as much as I was playing house, I was only playing church, too.

My words spoke God, faith, and Jesus, but my actions depicted a heart after my own desires.

Shacking up was just one of the many ways I placed myself in uncompromising positions, making it difficult for God to have all of my heart.

John 9:31 declares that God doesn’t listen to those who aren’t living for Him. So, since my life didn’t reflect Jesus, my prayers and church attendance didn’t matter. Period.

If my life is focused on Jesus, I’m not having sex outside of marriage or placing myself in dangerous situations of temptation. Instead, I’m putting God before myself.

Shacking up was not the will of God for my life nor yours. How can I be focused on not having sex if I’m sleeping next to someone everyone every night? It’s not going to work! You have to either choose God or yourself…it’s just that simple.

Take it from me: if you don’t listen to God now, you will wish you did later.

There are consequences to not handling any situation God’s way. God loves us. His instructions aren’t to hurt us, but to protect us. Unmarried couples living together are more likely to produce unwanted pregnancies and have a host of other problems.

I know that the world, TV, and magazines show shacking up as okay. But, the world also doesn’t have God’s peace. The way towards God’s peace and blessings is through obedience.

Part of obedience is fleeing from Satan. When you flee from Satan, you aren’t putting yourself in situations where obedience to God becomes difficult.

If you want God to bless you with a healthy marriage, a Godly man, and a favored life, you’re going to have to do your part. Receiving all that God has for you is your responsibility. The life He has for you is impossible without obedience to His will. Trust Him and let Him lead the way. If this blog inspired you, please use the share buttons below to inspire someone else.

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4 Responses

  1. Angela M Miller

    Me and my ex were both “PK” kids and we were both were convicted about shaking at the same time. He has since moved out and decided to focus totally on Go . If it meant to be it will be. I’m just glad we got delivered.

  2. shasha

    It is best just to get married. It is better to marry than to burn. If you keep doing it any longer it is going to lead to more problems. From experience, if this is what God wants for you to be married to this person then do it if not, move forward.

  3. Liz

    I couldn’t agree more. It so interesting how relationships can quickly turn into idols. We start to place the relationship before God even without realizing it. Your posts are always refreshing. I love the vulnerability about your writing as well. Praying for you!! Love it Love it!!

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